The Henze's Manifesto

Hans20Werner20HenzeCantiere is based on the following principles:

1)Communication and the exploration and experimentation of new ways of communicating artistically must be at the center of all activities. Montepulciano is a workshop for young artists (singers, actors, instrumentalists, stage directors, music directors, composers, set designers, costume designers, etc.) that offers all participants ideal opportunities to study and rehearse modern and classical scores and to find old and new ways to make music. Old and new ways must be found that are able to offer the public the possibility of experiencing, understanding, and appreciating music and the arts better.

2) Therefore, all concerts and musical and theatrical works are to be considered spectacles and entertainment for the inhabitants of Montepulciano and the towns nearby, as well as tourists and music lovers from all over the world. With their work, the young artists must inspire and, especially, encourage the younger generations of poliziani (inhabitants of Montepulciano) to engage with art. Wherever possible, therefore, we will try to have talented persons of Montepulciano participate in the artistic process. Every cantierista (participant in Cantiere) is invited to collaborate with these ideas of community, not only through artistic activity but also by his/her personal conduct and initiatives. Here, we are all teachers and, at the same time, students.

3) Every participant in the workshop is a guest of the Municipality of Montepulciano, which will bear the expenses of travel and lodging. In an excellent dining hall under the guidance of local cooks, excellent dishes of Tuscan cuisine will be prepared twice a day. To confirm to the character of workshop and school, but also to guarantee the equality that we intend to institute amongst all participants which should reinforce the spirit of friendship and cooperation, no participant shall receive a fee. The artistic and moral success of each Cantiere is due to precisely this principle.

.Whoever decides to work in Montepulciano must allow for this system.
You must know that Montepulciano is not a commercial festival but rather a cultural- social-political spectacle.

Montepulciano, October 1989