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giardino bracci 


Tuesday July 21th
Montepulciano-Giardino Bracci Testasecca

Thursday July 23th
Sarteano - Auditorium della
Riserva naturale di Pietraporciana

(Free entrance)

"When the Artistic Director Roland Böer presented this year’s theme of the Cantiere, War and Peace, to us, he suggested having an event in one of the City’s “shelters”. I knew right away that the perfect place was Palazzo Bracci which, in June 1944, sheltered refugee children and the Origo family escaping from the Foce under bombing as the allied front advanced. When I spoke to him, he was so keen that he asked me to take care of the project personally. I had already had contacts with the Bracci family and had met Alberto Bracci Testasecca who still lives in the family building. He also was immediately enthusiastic about the project and made his incredible and little known estate gardens available to us for it. The essential participation of Silvia Luzzi, who abridged and adapted the texts and direct testimonies, the music developed by Roland Böer himself and the precious contribution of the Origo-Lysy family brought the project to life." Gianni Giaccio Trabalzini


luzziSilvia Luzzi,  graduated in Philosophy. Since 1973 she has been a theater actress. She has worked with L. Ronconi, M. Missiroli, R. Guicciardini, G. Sbragia, P.L. Pieralli, G. Cobelli, L. Berio, M. Marceau. For G.Battistelli she recited in Vagabondaggi d’amore - poesie e musica dal vivo and with Franca Valeri for Yoscua Teatro, TV , radio, dubbing, cinema, fiction. A teacher and personal trainer of actors such as G. Scacchi, B. Bobulova, she also teaches at the Ass. Per-Corsi and at Libera Accademia del Cinema di Bologna. She holds stages and courses all over Italy. For ApTI, she gives courses on Reading Out Loud at Villa Piccolomini.

by and with Silvia Luzzi

curated by Gianni Trabalzini
Silvia Luzzi and Francesco Storelli,
Children's Choir Istituto “H. W. Henze”
and Istituto “B. Somma”
Eleonora Pellegrini, Chiara Giorgi,
Paolo Scatena, Alessio Tiezzi,
chorus masters
Ensemble RNCM – Manchester
with a special contribution by
Antonio Lysy, cello